Bespoke garment in easiest ways

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Best bespoke tailored in bangkok

Custom tailored shirts

Custom tailored shirts

Why it's great: Oxford custom tailored shirts can give you a greater look and our tailor shop guarantee on our shirts collection.

Custom tailored suits

Custom tailored suits

Why it's great: Oxford custom tailored suits are best outfit in your body for your business workplace and events.

Custom tailored trousers

Custom tailored trousers

Why it's great: Oxford custom tailored trousers very detail in each design, we have range of options formal or casual.

Custom tailored trousers

Oxford ready shirts

Why it's great: Oxford ready shirts are carefully design by our garment designer, wear these to own extraordinary fashionable look.

How it work? Easy steps

Select fabric

Step one choose one favourite fabric to design your new garment.


Step two customize garment according your preferred options.


Step three send body measurement to make a tailored made garment.

Pay online

Step four send payment and address detail to deliver your garment.


Incredible Service It's our standard.

The Oxford Tailor is the best custom tailor in Bangkok for your shirts, suits and trousers. Every single Oxford Tailor bespoke garment is constructed from scratch, entirely by hand. You can customize your garments, we can deliver your order within some days. We can provide all level of garment and clothing service for formal, informal, business, casual as well as wedding. Incredible fit isn't a surprise. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Your satisfaction is our priority. If your garment doesn't fit, we alter it for free! Oxford Tailor offer custom tailor services based on local tailoring, distance tailoring and travelling tailor.


Why bespoke tailor? Because it's different.

Throughout the several years, bespoke suit making had adapted as engineering and globalization have modified the piece of clothing, fabric and assembling businesses. Oxford Tailor equally follow those cutting edge practices. Our custom clothier makes custom garments such as shirts, suits, vests, blazers and trousers to meet an individual customer's needs and preferences.

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